Web pages and apps made using HTML and JavaScript.


This is a Minesweeper clone. It borrows its goofy design from the FPS game Team Fortress 2 and replaces the mute smiley face with a vocal Demoman who will gladly praise your victory or narrate your defeat.
If you're unfamiliar with the concept of Minesweeper, press the question mark icon on the game's page for an explanation.

I used the howler.js library for managing audio. It's pretty neat because it allows me to have all the sounds in a single audio file as "sprites", reducing bandwidth usage.

Tile generator

This web app can generate a unique arrangement of tiles using its pre-defined tile-sets every time you click on "Generate".

You may also upload your own tiles and have the app generate a random arrangement of those for you.

This project was inspired by Athos Bulcão's ingeniously designed geometric tiles.


A to-do list with categories and priorities.

In this project I was aiming to learn how jQuery and markup languages work and how they can be implemented for specific applications. Also, I made this around the time Material Design came out, hence the appearance. I never got around to finishing it though, as I lost interest in its further development. Still, it works for the most part.