These are interactive PowerPoint files that I made a long time ago.

They're neither exceptional, nor remotely useful, but they do showcase the capabilities of PowerPoint beyond making business presentations.


The Motion series was my attempt at designing operating systems using PowerPoint.
The early versions lacked any genuinely useful features, and were just representations of what I thought a user-friendly OS looked like. The newer ones however have an Internet Explorer controller embedded in them, which functions as a working browser. They also allow the user to change the background image.

Please bear in mind that these PowerPoint files are likely to be broken, as they use old macro controls.

Motion 5

I never released this version. Functionally it was almost identical to Motion 4, but the UI was completely overhauled.

Motion 4

Originally developed in one day, later greatly improved with some coding magic by a guy named Callum.

Notable features:

  • Custom wallpapers
  • Password protection
  • A new game called Shooting Range
  • The topbar

Download Motion 4 build 3

Motion 1-3

These versions really aren't remarkable in any way. The second and third iterations had flash files embedded in them, allowing for some additional functionality. Needless to say, most of those implementations don't work anymore, since the flash files they reference are no longer hosted.

Mouse Hero

PowerPoint games inspired by Fikree's Pointer's Way series. Your objective is to reach the finish, but to do so, you have to dodge obstacles and keep the cursor on the path.

Make sure you don't press Esc on your keyboard if you do decide to play these, as that key exits the presentation and you'll be forced to start over.

Mouse Hero 2

This game has 25 challenge and 5 practice levels.

Download Mouse Hero 2

Watch the trailer

Mouse Hero 1

A very old PowerPoint game indeed.

It had seven levels in total.