Benedek Antók

Coloured folders for Windows

coloured folders

We can process colours far quicker than text.
Why not use them for folder organisation?

I am pretty keen on neatly organising my things.
This has lead me to recolour the default Windows 10 folder icon into 20 variations.

After having used these icons for a couple of years, I am pretty satisfied. They do make finding my way around my directories feel more effortless.

I have published the icon pack on deviantArt, and it became clear that others are also into colouring their folders.

There's just one thing though... Setting these icons manually is not a pleasant experience.

So I've made a little utility that helps you colour your folders.

Just right click on the folder...

a screenshot of the context menu

...and pick a colour.

a screenshot of the utility

Behold! Hue!

coloured folders

Initially, I intended to write the program in C#, but ended up going with AutoHotKey for the sake of simplicity.

You can get the folder colouring utility on the releases page of the project.