Benedek Antók

What is a symlink?

illustration of symbolic links, depicting them as portals

This is an introduction to a very useful, yet little known feature of modern file systems.

Coloured folders for Windows

coloured folders

We can process colours far quicker than text.
Why not use them for folder organisation?

Clock radio

clock radio illustration

I've made an illustration of an old clock radio.
Because clock radios are rad. (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ
That is all.

Tile generator

screenshot of Tile generator

A little while back I learned about a man named Athos Bulcão. I liked his ceramic designs and thought it would be fun to make a tool that generates random patterns out of tiles. So, I’ve created a web-based tile generator.

There are already some tile-sets, most of them inspired by the work of Athos, but you can also upload your own tiles and have the website generate a random wall of those for you.