Benedek Antók

A simple tool to check in with your needs

Various meters relating to the needs of a human, such as Hunger, Fun, Comfort, etc.

I've made a simple web app to help you figure out if all of your basic needs are being met right now, in a jiffy.

In the age of connected devices, it's (ironically) far too easy to get disconnected from our own needs.
But like those devices, people also need maintenance, and lots of it.

When something feels off, it could be difficult to find out what it is exactly that you are lacking. This app is meant to help with that.

By going through a very simple checklist, you can gain a better understanding of the factors that have an immediate impact on your well-being.
Just set each meter to an appropriate value with your mouse or fingers, and review the results.

You might be familiar with the video game The Sims. Well, it's no secret that the interface of this app is a direct copy of the one in that game.
The way they chose to represent one's basic everyday needs is, I think, pretty intuitive, so I just rolled with it.
The nostalgia factor might have played a part, too.

So, if you ever catch yourself having a bad day for no apparent reason, remember to give this a try.