Benedek Antók

Coloured folders for Windows

A vertical list of small, coloured folders bearing names of university subjects, forming a rainbow

We can process colours far quicker than text.
Why not use them for folder organisation?

Clock radio

A stylised, isometric picture of a white clock radio from the 80s with a flip clock, on an orange background

I've made an illustration of an old clock radio.
Because clock radios are rad. (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ
That is all.

Tile generator

screenshot of Tile generator

A little while back I learned about a man named Athos Bulcão. I liked his ceramic designs and thought it would be fun to make a tool that generates random patterns out of tiles. So, I’ve created a web-based tile generator.

There are already some tile-sets, most of them inspired by the work of Athos, but you can also upload your own tiles and have the website generate a random wall of those for you.

Logo for DJ KOCKA

A geometric, vibrant, stylised illustration of the word 'KOCKA', with the letters 'O' and 'C' intertwined

I've made my friend a new logo.