Benedek Antók

Washing machine app

A stylised washing machine

I used to live in a dormitory with 1000 residents and a grand total of 10 washing machines. Finding a free washer was usually a challenge.

So naturally, I resorted to creating an app to help with just that.

A simple tool to check in with your needs

Various meters relating to the needs of a human, such as Hunger, Fun, Comfort, etc.

I've made a simple web app to help you figure out if all of your basic needs are being met right now, in a jiffy.

What I've learned from recreating a PHP page in React

A four-panel comic in the style of the Drakeposting meme: Drake disapproves of PHP and endorses React

I've recently had the opportunity to recreate a formerly PHP-based page in React from the ground up. In this article, I will share some of the programming and UX concepts and takeaways I've picked up along the way.

What is a symlink?

A blue and an orange portal folder

This is an introduction to a very useful, yet little known feature of modern file systems.